Classic Hour

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dr Jim Sadler and Chris Norton discuss Trump’s d*** and whether or not it’s a diplomatic liability. Don Berman gets shit-housed and eats out of his cats dish.

The BSP Classic Show is from July 2003. Austin Amarka is a cabinetmaker who removes pornography when he sees it. Vernon Dozier has been tormented by his kids summer camp songs.

Episode 1250 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Just became a BSP member. Can someone please tell me: what do I get with each: Pre-show, Show, & Classic Hour? And which ones, if any, have Phil being taped while doing all or part of the show? I’m trying to figure this out while downloading last night’s show, Friday Sept. 21, 2018. Thanks, Adam

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      Not exactly sure what you mean. The Pre-Show is Phil preparing for the Full-Show which he records just before doing the Full-Show. The Pre-Show is slightly edited to remove some “dead air”. The Full-Show is the current NEW show of the day, possibly recorded the day before though. Every now-and-then, mostly on Tuesdays there might not be a new show, and there will be a repeat show posted. The Classic show is from the past where Phil had a radio show, and therefore features actual real people calling in who talk to Phil’s characters believing those are real people. All the news shows feature just Phil doing his and his characters voices, with no real people calling in.
      Hope that helps…

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    My does likewise

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    Hmm my feed cuts out around the 14 minute mark. Anyone else have this problem?

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