Hour 1:

Syndicated columnist Carl Misler joins the program to discuss the Olympics, he says it’s very depressing that the American athletes are not being supported. Phil the Prophet talks about negroes in the Olympics. Phil talks about Jason Lee.

Hour 2:

Jim Sadler discusses his new book “The Devil Next Door” claiming the only way to cure demonic possession is with a catholic priest. Phil talks about Asian American preachers.

Hour 3:

Darkhorse drummer Jeff Dowder joins the program to talk about Rick Springfield who was recently charged with spousal abuse. Jeff says women who wed any creative artist should know that they might get backhanded. Phil talks about bad sponsors.

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    Dowder’s band is “Darque Hoarse”

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    OMG hour 2 kept me up all night laughing. A caller says “Benny Hinn gets demons out of people all the time.” Sadler replies, “BENNY HINN!!! He couldn’t get a beer out of the refrigerator.” Brilliant.

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