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Thursday, September 6, 2001

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Hour 1:

FIRST HALF. Phil Hendrie's Take On The News. Doug Dannger comments on the Barbara Walters interview with Anne Heche, and says she is a traitor to the gay community for becoming straight. Phil closes with the idea of writing a book, gets invited to a networking party by a publisher at a rich estate; Maria was overdressed, the publisher barely said three words to Phil, nobody talked to them.

Hour 2:

Vernon Dozier and Dean Wheeler debate marriage and football. Vernon says men need to commit to football and women need to obey their husbands. Dean Wheeler says men should feminize and emasculate theirselves. Phil closes talking about being able to view multiple football games, making bets.

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Phil on the website poll about best beer, and talks about beer decisions and brewery histories. SECOND HALF. Bud Dickman's Weekly Top Ten.


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