Tonight it was Dr. Ron Tarner putting forth the controversial opinion that the American economy doesn’t work and that communism needs to be given a try. On the heels of Obama’s jobs speech Tarner said the reason why communism didn’t work in Ruissia is because “Russians are racially inferior but I don’t mean that the Nazi way. I just mean they did things like fertilize their crops with human waste.”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police reported from the blackout in San Diego saying he and his “subcommanders” were knocking on doors house to house. If there was no answer he would assume “there could be a person in there in an iron lung that’s unplugged..” So Jay and his men made forcible entry. Going by one of Major Elvis Newton’s precepts, “Don’t smell ’em before you see ’em,” Jay told Phil he didn’t want to miss helping someone who may be incapacitated only to get a call days later that something in the same neighborhood smells like a “sausage factory.”

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  • paddyandpeanut

    OMFG the commentary during the Presidential's address was GOLD <3 I wish I could download it 😉 ALSO, now I have Elvira in my head, lol. Love love love Steve Bozell and his weird paranoia and quirks 🙂

  • plunderpants

    Yeah…and stuff like ometepino said.

  • ometepino

    Dr. Ron Tarner rocks. Keep it up and don't let the fuckers get you down, Phil.

  • butterworth99

    I was listening to the bit about Steve Bozell being attracted to the old lady and dancing with his hands on her ass and whatnot… I thought it was an OLD bit, but it was new…. So this proves to me that the show is still great!

  • gymrat23065

    SKIPPY AND FRANK!!!!!!!!!!

  • spoiler2000

    I loved Santos also..I just wish Phil would use that Police scanner in the background again..It adds even more to Santos being a goof!!

  • TheESLTeacher

    I loved the Jay Santos bit.

  • bob911

    Thanks Phil: for steeling my L.S.D. show I did on my show a week ago. YOU DID A GOOD SHOW . I'M SO HUMBLED YOU LIKE MY IDEAS!! YOU ROCK !! BOB

  • bob911

    Settie; you gave me a phone # of a mental institution. I need your'e real name to contact you.. They don't know a settie so they say,. e-mail your'e real name. So I can contact you for an interview and I will not give up the hospital you are at.. take the aluminum foil off your'e head and I will give it to you with my powers of wave telepathy.. Then put the foil back on . until further contact..remember….klatu verada nekto …message concluded [email protected]@@%)(

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