Phil tries to explain a variety of things to the crew….Unfortunately, at present, we don’t seem to have any memory of it.

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    Don Sloan

    Hour 3 would be much funnier if there weren’t millions of people who think just like the guest. Scary.

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    Lon I hate to say but Obama inherited a horrible recession from George Bush and massive national debt and faced the worst obstruction from Congress in history which also included hatred along with the obstruction but he did manage to get the economy going against all odds and by 2011 the stock market started a trend upward and it has not stopped reaching great highs that trump took credit for. The Republicans literally treated him like garbage. He won convincingly and bowls terms showing he had the support of the American people perhaps not you but most of us. Donald Trump barely winds which was Easy A against Hillary and all she had going against her and he treats it like a mob rules democracy. It’s hard to watch Russia starting to win and so many countries becoming like Russia and having an authoritarian government with tromp acting like he wants the same for the United States . When the head of the country starts asking for a military parade, installs family members into his cabinet, calls the free press the enemy of the people, constantly testing the limits of his executive powers and installing basically stooges in his cabinet to do his bidding.

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    Lon Acree

    Ah, I hate to tell you Phil, but Obama is a crap president. He’s only a good one if you forget the economy, the debt, his lies, his failures, etc. Have a good one, bro. I WISH that fool was as great a president as you insanely think that he is. Jesus on a jumped up hickory!

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