Hour 1:

High School senior Justin McElroy doesn’t want to attend Grad Night in a bus. He thinks the students should be allowed to drive themselves in their own cars. In retalliation Justin has put up an offensive website to show how angry kids are about the decision.

Hour 2:

Margaret Gray helps Phil reminisce about his radio days in 1990. Lloyd Bonafide wants to know if Phil read the story about Kevin Costner playing with himself at a massage parlor. A caller named Christian calls in from a newsstand where he’s seen the Kevin Costner story. Charlie hates Phil’s show, always has, but he always listens. RC Collins thinks Paul Newman was yankin’ it at a massage parlor. Harvey Wireman says Phil’s paranoid for thinking Jamie Kennedy stole his show idea from Phil.

Hour 3:

Pastor William Rennick weighs in on the Kevin Costner story and then sings the hits of Supertramp. Dave Oliva reads a news story about Randall “Duke” Cunningham.

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    If we r so rasrist why did we elect a black pres,+ the 1st slaves in this country were owed by a black gentleman

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    Classic Duke Cunningham
    (F-4 Phantom Ace Vietnam named)
    My dad flew with him. Duke signed the book he wrote for me
    My old man just called him squid
    Buy dame is dudy

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