Larry Grover and Mavis Leonard: Larry is running for Congress and wants points for being honest about dating a 15 year old last summer. Miss Mavis is a substitute teacher who knows which kids play with road kill or wet their beds so she can keep them under control…

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  • Chris

    2011, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire episode. Phil, when not in character, is much funnier in this incarnation, his timing better, than in the ‘classic’ KFI show. His characters are just as funny.

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    offaith: You have NAILED the "problem" that I see in the recent
    incarnations that Phil does. Good thinking. I wasn't able to put
    a finger on it, but you are absolutely right-on — there needs to
    be the old-style outrageousness to the bits, with the escalation
    of the character's personalities until they are simply over-the-top
    with weirdness. Sort of like good ol' Lloyd Bonafide when he would
    talk about his adventures with his Winnebago beast. It started out
    with Lloyd being more or less just belligerent, but then escalated to
    where Lloyd was perceived as "dangerous"…the bit would start
    putting an uneasy feeling into the callers' minds, and then Lloyd
    would spin it up a notch…I would LOVE for Phil to get back to that
    escalation of "dangerousness" that used to be so prevalent in his
    characters. Again, good points for sure, offaith.

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    You guys are right, and a number of hardcore phans have said it for a while… The material is soft and the characters aren't escalating the comedic material as they were in the past… The audio and technical problems Phil phaces does not help….

    To ometepino when you say "I don't thinks its my place to tell him how to do his show…." and follow that up with a "… More outrageousness from the characters from the gate is key." you reveal how dumb you truly are… The only thing different between you and me is that I don't need a helmet to perform my daily activities.

    I find it interesting that Phil noted the following on the videocast:

    What is my reward for 3 years of this, I listened to an podcast show from the other engineer (2007 to 2010) and I just cried… That's just technical… Is the material any good, are we doing good radio shows, I have no idea….Most of the business on the website is for my archives, my hardcore phans like the new stuff, but most of the business is for the archive.. most people don't even know I'm on the air… … is the show even funny…? There is not one aspect that I'm telling you guys that I have an answer to…

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    Kudos to both of you … That hypercritical weirdass has both gay thumbs buried deep inside his rectum but you both made really good observations. I think you're right. I think Phil is a genius and I don't thinks its my place to tell him how to do his show. That said, there seems to be a little malaise and I think you have it just right … More outrageousness from the characters from the gate is key. And, to Mr. Gay thumbs … Get a life, dude …. Jeeeez!

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    What's lacking is over the top-outrageous action from the characters. Old bits-good bits- all have the character acting in greater and greater increments of insanity-throughout the bit.

    The character developement in shows currently all start with one semi-interesting action and it never "degrades" into lunacy.

    It seems after Phil gets a premise he stops stretching to make to make the bit top notch.

    Callers WILL call if the events in the bit are weird/unsettling/ or outrageous.

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    Finally a Larry premise. … unfortunately a Larry premise without a real premise or humour. The phirst 15 minutes pheatures Larry and Phil discussing Larry's office run for the GOP congress… and Phil tries to suss out how old the underage girl was that Larry was intimate and had a relationship with.

    Oh god… this is fucking terrible. Phil and Larry are beating the age issue into the ground, frantically trying to mine some comedy out of this…. for 20 minutes.

    Finally a twist at the 23 minute mark, Larry did have one more romantic relationship with the girl after he found out how old she was.

    This should've been hillarious, but instead it was tedious… Larry answering questions about his morals, lack of decision making abilities to outline his inadaquacies of being a politcal leader from dull callers…. Welcome to dullsville…

    Mavis has done a hundred episodes like this… talking 'bout class discipline. Great conversation between Phil and Mavis… very compelling… very funny in the premise. Clara is disarmingly evil on the setup… 3 small vignettes of her in class bullying of students, all great… I laughed for all three.

    The callers are dulling it out…. and Phil breaks down at the 23rd minute at staff… on air.. classy… mostly editied out of the segment… Mavis and Phil seem to lose their chemistry from here on out… and the bit just kinda limps out.

    Heavy editing at the start of the 3rd hour re: Phils recent phreakout. Wow really heavy editing…

    On the Dannger scale : 6 gay thumbs down, 1 gay thumb up.

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    HEY PHIL, GREAT SHOW AS ALWAYS….Oh wait, I forgot I was listening to a 2002 show, nevermind.

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