Tonight on the show Bobbie and Steve Dooley join Phil to encourage support for the new Muslim mosque at Ground Zero in New York. Yes, Ms. Dooley did write a letter to a Muslim groups attorney discouraging them from opening a similar mosque near Western Estates. But that was only because she feared boys from her sons class would deface it with drawings of swastikas and penises, like they did to a Catholic church last year. Boys will be boys.

Later, it’s Doug Dannger on eliminating the word “marriage” and replacing it with “civil union.” Yes, says Doug, it took gay people to bring clarity to this debate. It’s about a strictly legal business arrangement and “civil union” describes it much better than “marriage.” The word ‘marriage” only gets peoples hopes up and then they wind up killing each other and leaving body parts in suitcases spread all over town

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    I had to pick myself up off the floor after I heard Doug Dannger threaten to make the last caller his "Girlfriend" and then started calling him sweetie. That should definitely be a featured clip.

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    Every hour is a side splitter. One of the best shows ever.

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    please stop sucking your snot down your throat on the webcam, makes me want to puke.. Anyways, love the show

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    Doug was awesome! Loved when he was arguing with the caller at the end

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    Who has sex after marriage? LOL! That old wives’ tale is true!

    You *can* be married to your soulmate but it takes a lot more to make a marriage work.

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