Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Hour 1: Art Griego accidentally ran over a neighbor’s kid. He claims the kid committed suicide from being part of a terrible family.

Hour 2: VARIETY.

Hour 3: VARIETY.

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    Really, really interesting 2nd hour talking with OR peoples. Don’t miss it.

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    B L Owjabba

    At 42 minutes Phil goes on the air with KUGN – Dan Carlin Show with G. Michael Donovan, Cumulus Broadcasting’s market manager and newspaper columnist Bob Welch from Register-Guard. Welch wrote an unfavorable commentary about the Phil Hendrie show. Phil presents a tremendous social commentary in the debate.

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    B L Owjabba

    Character Art Griego complains that he is not invited to his black neighbor’s party due to bigotry. He reveals 2 years ago in an accident he killed her son when her son darted out in from of him intentionally because the boy’s parents divorsed.

    She invites all in the neighborhood but excludes he and his wife, refuses to go out and have a drink with him and will not acknowledge him.

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