Our show this evening featured RC Collins, Cadet Watson and Commandant Weirman upset with the young females of America going nuts over One Direction while the cadets are forced to “thumb it at 5th and Main.” (The location of Bradley Military Academy)

Granger Batholemew and Don Berman discuss the “Eric” Snowden story until they find out it isn’t “Eric,” it’s “Edward.” Mr. Bartholomew says that he is a hard working journalist and when he comes home at the end of the week his girlfriend knows he’s been working hard because he smells like “fecal matter.”

Dr. Phil McGraw tweeted something controversial like “would you have sex with a drunk girl, yes or no?” It was immediately condemned by all……all except Dean Wheeler who said the doctor was simply asking for advice!

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    timothy markus

    S.C Jones scary.


    So glad that Margaret, Bud and Robert are still part of your Broadcast crew, again. Was starting to worry about the first few episodes of your return with the lack of ‘them’. NEVER ever lose them!!

    Keep up the great work!!


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    Lon Acree

    What if a drunk guy bangs a drunk girl, Phil? Does he still deserve a “jail cell?” Just curious, because if a woman can’t “consent” to sex while drunk, how can a man? How does that work, Phil? What if a sober woman bangs a drunk man? Is she a “rapist” too? Just trying to follow the “White Knight” logic here.

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Hour Three is totally brilliant:
    “We’re lean, mean fighting machines.” Cadet RC Collins/”Come see me if you want a man, not a boy.” Cadet Watkins.
    It’s such a pleasure to have these red-blooded, American bad boys back on the radio. It’s so good to hear these pip-squeak, adolescent macho, wanna-be Rambos complaining about “thumbing it on a Friday night.” Thank you Phil.

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    Lon Acree

    Gee…nothing on the Chris Lane story Phil? You sure talked about Trayvon Martin!

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