Hour 1:

Phil reads some news. Mavis Leonard is on an F-16 jetfighter on her way to Barbados. Phil talks about meeting Lou Dobbs.

Hour 2:

Jay Santos & the Citizens Auxiliary Police are visiting elementary schools in Southern California to talk to young people about safety and crime. This presentation includes a simulation of a drug hallucination where Jay removes all of his clothing.

Hour 3:

Producer Tony Neal is on to talk about a new reality show called “Escape From Fashion Island” where college students compete to successfully abduct children from a mall to win a million dollars. Tony says the show will educate people about child abduction.

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    Tony Neal, Eric Hester and (early) Jim Sadler need to come together to pitch a few shows together. Those three have some up with some fucking amazing shows (Pitfall, Blindsided, etc)

  • Anton

    What if your kid grows up to assassinate a president or something? Ooohhh… somethin’ to think about!

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