B&B Construction’s Steve Bosell guest hosts and brings on Larry Grover to discuss the Jay D. Blasingame sex site, a site run by the brother of Steve’s attorney Delores Blasingame. Then Vernon Dozier gets so angry during his interview he comes to the studio and beats Steve’s ass and takes over as host. Mavis Leonard discusses Stephen Colbert’s chances of success as the new Late Night host.

Episode 453 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Chad Young
    Chad Young

    One of the funniest episodes in the last few months. Maybe Bosell can kill Elrod the next step.

  • Bonnie

    Steve is so funny. He’s got so many interesting things to say. Too bad he got beat up by Vernon.

  • Avatar
    Herb Sewell

    “If Dracula bit you on the neck and you were wearing a garlic necklace,, would you sue the garlic maker?” as said by Mr Bozell… comedy gold

    • Avatar
      Freddie Agricola

      You forgot the ‘…ya savvy?!’ at the end that makes the bit. ;p

  • michael marley
    michael marley

    Steve Bosell is the new normal, really.

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