Phil kicked the show off by saying Wiz Khalifa couldn’t smoke near as much dope as he claims he does otherwise he wouldn’t get any work done. Dope is fine but it can make you stupid. “Many of our fine, young hip-hop artists want the weed legalized even though they don’t smoke near the amount they claim because that shit is “stupid-making.”

Phil also discussed the fine documentary “Nixon on Nixon” currently airing on HBO. Margaret was “shocked” to hear Nixon say the word “(mumbled) kike.”

The crew also reviewed the Emmy’s with Jeff Dowdder and a befuddled and tired Doug Dannger. Seth Meyer laid an egg out there according to Phil and it was the fault, in his opinion, of an NBC executive at the top in order to promote the hell out of Meyers’ late night show. Who is the NBC CEO? The crew didn’t know until Margaret identified him as Bob Gardoon. Or Bob Gadoon.

Episode 193 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    that texas in july song is awesome!!!

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    The synopsis does’t mention the best part of the show about Burger King and all things burger. And Bud taking a shower!
    4 stars

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    John Griffith

    For the love of Christ, stop with the “screamo” music! Jesus

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    John Pace

    Scratch that… five states.

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    John Pace

    Let’s see… it’s Kerry Washington, it was Ellen that hosted the Oscars last year, and In’N’Out has locations in four states.

    Just keeping you honest, Phil.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    There was a whole deal in the news about ISIS changing their name to ISIL and what the acronyms mean months ago.

    Mr. Expert here had no clue and it was sooooo painful to listen to.

    The real troubling matter that I pondered weeks before Phil even knew what was going on is: Why does our President concede to their demands that they be called ISIL when the whole world is calling them ISIS?

    Phil has no clue, so don’t look to him for an answer.

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    Tom Simshaw

    No dirt on Obama Phil? How about the IRS lying repeatedly to Congress and obfuscating their investigational efforts into Tea Party tax-exempt applications? Didn’t the IRS head visit the White House dozens and dozens of times while this was going on?

    Turning the bureaucracy against political enemies is far worse than anything Nixon did.

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