Margaret Grey, Doug Dannger and some idiot named Wayne Urban commented on the aftermath to the Miley Cyrus controversy…Margaret did play by play…

Larry Grover and Jack Armstrong debated the Syrian crisis while Gloria Grover, Larry’s mother, gets on the extension and busts Larry’s balls. This time it’s about him being uncircumcised and his late father nicknaming him “Missile Dick.”

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    Lon: I always thought that Phil was black! WTF?

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    Lon Acree

    Wait a second. Did I hear Phil just tell someone to “not worry about Obama?!?” Instead of worshiping him, YOU should worry about what he’s doing to your country, Phil. Trying to relive your stupid 20s, when you were probably a little sissy-boy lib, makes you look pathetic. Take my word for it. You’re one of the last Obama-worshipers left in this country. The rest are 1/3 your age or black. Get with the program, brah. Oh, and telling your audience you listen to “hip-hop” every day makes you look even more pathetic than worshiping Obama. Act your age Phil.

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