Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hour 1: Phil takes a call from a frantic-sounding David G. Hall, V.P. of Syndication. Hall claims he was just sexually assaulted in a parking garage. Phil wants to call the police so Hall finally admits he made up the story to “inject drama” into the show. Hall feels Phil has become too predictable. Next up is “Rastafarian Radio” with weatherman Bill McCoy, filling-in as guest host. McCoy has no idea what he’s doing or why he’s even there. He thinks Rastafarian is some sort of Italian sauce and can’t even pronounce Bob Marley. Then, in a brief episode of “Coast to Coast,” General Johnson Jameson makes a shocking discovery that he is as “dull as watching paint dry” and decides to blow his brains out.

Hour 2: Margaret Grey couldn’t get into the Republican convention so she sneaked in through the disabled peoples entrance.

Hour 3: Chris Norton was told to take down nude pics in his cubicle, but says other office workers had pictures of spouses and that implies sexual activities.

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