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Tuesday, August 7, 2001

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Hour 1:

Jeff Dowder with Roller Coasters United says roller coasters are a death-defying experience, and only men from 15 to 35 should be allowed on them. Phil closes mentioning the show and restates his comments from Friday about not putting copies of his shows on the Internet.

Hour 2:

Steve Bosell got a crotch injury doing pretend-WWF wrestling with his son like Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he wants a ruling by Vince McMahon. Phil closes talking about an upcoming King of the Hill voiceover, trying restaurants.

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Phil talks some more about places he and his family eats, a rant about round-the-world balloons. Phil reads listener e-mail about Chandra Levy, ridiculously expensive movies. SECOND HALF. Flashback of 2001-08-06c CNO. Phil talks about cloning. Says he wasn't able to get callers upset. Talks about his more controversial shows like Bob Green checking for too many supermarket samples and "Pope Is Backed Up", which got the PHS cancelled in one market.


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