Dean Wheeler of the Northern California Holistic Center was Phil’s guest in the first hour to talk about America’s eroding economy and how we’ll still be expected to adopt African babies. Dean adopted three but sent them back as not being African enough.

Ted Bell’s Ted’s Of Beverly Hills sponsored our second hour and Ted started in with how smart he is for buying gold. When people didn’t seem to care that Ted had made gold serving trays for the restaurant or was installing a gold statue of himself and his wife and son out in front of his Beverly Hills home, Ted revealed that he had “a gold grill made that says ‘Big Boy, Power 106′” and was on his way tomorrow to get it installed.

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    Rantz is one dumb fuckin Juden.

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    Ted Bell is the man. All these haters are just jealous because they are poor and can not afford gold like us in Beverly Hills can. These losers come into my restaurant and ask if their Outback Steakhouse coupons are good at my restaurant. I had to go to Cedar Sinai because I was so sickened by someone saying Outback in my Steakhouse.

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    Great show Phil

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    Phil would probably agree. For those who watch it live, you get to see his frustration with the producer and with himself when a bit isn't going anywhere special. Comedy is part planned, part spontaneous. Last night's show had a lot of spontaneity, not a lot of planning. Hate to say it, but Jason's got to go. He's too much of a distraction for Phil. Too much negative energy get's unleashed prior to the show in Phil's frustration that other people don't see his vision.

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    Jason is not on Phil's level, he is more of an office boy

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    Turned it off 10 min into Bell's bit-The show was Awful.

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    dean wheeler doesn't sound like he use to

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