Harvey Weirman talked with Phil and his crew about the old days of the “spaghetti western” although he can’t quite remember or figure out what calling them that had to do with the fact they were shot in Spain.

The passing of Dave Brubeck was occasion for a visit from drummer Jeff Dowdder, front man for the band Darque Horse. Jeff not only explained 5/4 time as it pertained to the Brubeck hit “Take Five” but demonstrated “9/8 time,” a demonstration that left him exhausted and near passing out…

Bud, Robert and Margaret tried to explain to Phil that the greatest jazz crossover hit of all time was Vince Guaraldi’s “Theme From a Peanut,” or “Peanut Theme” or “Peanuts Theme” or “Theme from Charlie Brown’s Peanut” or “whatever it was called…”

Rudy Canosa demonstrated the proper way to order tequila…it’s very similar to how Rudy greets a beautiful woman….only it sounds more even brain-damage!

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    Holy smokes! I had to turn off my radio in the car because I couldn't see.That whole bit about Charlie Browns Peanut had me crying! Thanks Phil!

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    Great show!

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