Hour 1:

FIRST HALF. Maria Sanchez (studio appearance) and Phil Hendrie talk together about Christmas shopping, animal trophies. SECOND HALF. Phil talks about shopping at K-Mart 3 days before Christmas and nobody was there. Working on Christmas until his early 40s. Phil says shut the radio stations off on Christmas.

Hour 2:

Jay Santos on the Sacramento airplane suicide jump, saying young women have no reason to be depressed because they’ve got “pert breasts”. He gives tickets to depressed women to give them an attitude adjustment and will want evidence of sexual intercourse. Phil closes about Maria’s Christmas errands, getting over a cold.

Hour 3:

Jeff Dowder with the band Dark Horse says you want pretty young women in the front row, not a guy with a straw in his mouth sitting in a wheelchair. Phil closes talking about show souvenirs, plays flashback of RCA.

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