Hour 1:

“Westside Story” Phil Hendrie talks about the incident that occurred last night when he got his ass kicked by Santa Claus live on the air, Phil begs his listeners to believe in the magic of Christmas. Margaret Gray joins the program, she is directing a pr

Hour 2:

Margaret Gray directs a production of “Westside Story” (continued) . Entertainment journalist Doug Dannger joins the program to talk about what’s “red hot” in the world of entertainment and technology.

Hour 3:

Phil complains over the fact that there’s no cool places for adults to hang out. Phil talks about buying Christmas presents for his kids. Phil reads a news story about a man who claims to be a relative of Jesus, and a man who drove his car into a Black An

  • Jason Caselli
    Jason Caselli

    Margaret: “Fat, with the ass-end hanging out…” Hahahahaha! She kills me!

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