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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hour 1:

Robert Green is the descendant of plantation owners. He is suing the federal government and 39 black members of congress over reparations, saying when the country freed the slaves, his family lost everything!

Hour 2:

Phil tells the story about his clash with Brian Cox of the Miami Dolphins while Phil worked for WIOD in Miami. Phil would do a bit called The Brian Cox Show, based on Brian Cox’s often vulgar and inappropriate on field behavior. This bit led to Cox filing a $15 million lawsuit for slander and misappropriation of likeness on air. Ever since, Phil has held a grudge against Brian Cox, up until running into him the previous Saturday night. By request flashback of Art Griego arguing that Thanksgiving should be a white holiday. He disputes that since blacks were brought to this country against their will, what do they have to be thankful for?

Hour 3:

It’s the Combover Boy Show! Today, Comb questions why you have to drug senior citizens in order to get some “Christmas nookie” from them. Phil talks about his marriage. Jeff Dowder joins the program for “Wouldn’t it be funny if.” Phil rants about Glenn Beck lifting his show, and Martha Stewart’s activity while in prison. Harvey Wireman joins Phil to talk about Robert Stroud, the Birdman of Alcatraz. Harvey, however, does not have his glasses, has a cheese log stuck in his throat, and in general is so senile that he cannot postulate a sound argument. The Chef Carl Chadillia Show gets a segment. Callers are irate as Carl uses a pickle to represent the Baby Jesus.

Show log by Kyle Davis.


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