Hour 1:

Mr. Bonafide had to manhandle a female driver to get his point across regarding the proper amount of space needed for RV drivers in rainy weather.

Hour 2:

Chris Norton introduces his new service “Dream Date.” If you are a high school girl who ordinarily doesn’t get invited to proms, he’ll be your date complete with limo, dinner, and as you exit the limo for the prom, smoke “like you’re walking out of hell.” Chris prices on a sliding scale. The more “challenging” the date, the more expensive. How much to date Terri Schiavo? According to Chris, “four figures.”

Hour 3:

Bob Green, owner of Frazier Foods, is, once again, being sued for sexual harassment; this time by a group of female customers who claim that, over the years, he has engaged in suggestive behavior. Their claims included an accusation that he had “Ladies Shopping Day” where he would offer free popscicles to women at the door and then photograph them throughout the store sucking on them.

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