Hour 1:

“What Would Jesus Do?” Raj Faneen joins the program to discuss a fender bender he was involved in with a woman who had a “jesus fish” on her car.

Hour 2:

“Millennium… what Millennium?” Dr.Jim Sadler joins the program, he has written an article about his explosive theory that the 21st century won’t begin for another year.

Hour 3:

Intern Bud Dickman comes on the air to warn Phil about Y2k. Phil rants about psychotics and American terrorists. Dr.Jeff Dowder joins the program to discuss Time magazines “Person of the Century” Albert Einstein.

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    Nothing beats the Raj bit where he’s renting an apartment to a fat white chick who breaks the toilet when she sits on it and floods his downstairs apartment. The landwhales calling in to commiserate with her made the bit classic!

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    Damn it’s hard hearing that rant about terrorist.

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