Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Show Log by Paul Dintino
Hour 1:
Phil starts out talking about some Christmas programing. Flashback from Yesterday with Dave Oliva. General Johnson Jameson talks to Art Bell about Spielbergs special “Taken” and how he feels he’s been raped. Phil talks about pre-war news.

Hour 2:
Lloyd Bonified takes issue with “wife-beater” t-shirts…anyone lays a hand on his daughter, they will die screaming. Phil decides to punish the audience because the phone calls sucked.

Hour 3:
Larry Grover joins the show to talk about true love. It’s lost for Larry when his soul-mate (who’s pregnant) farts in bed, like a pig. R.C. Collins interrupts Phil to ask if you have sex with yourself, does that make you gay?

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