Hour 1:

David G Hall wants Phil to play Santa at the office Christmas party because he is overweight. Phil closes talking about a visit to a Danish bakery and buying an eclair.

Hour 2:

Vernon Dozier is a driving instructor with road rage advice, in light of the OJ Simpson traffic altercation. He has choice words for tailgaters, and says to slow down if someone’s flashing their brights. Phil closes late talking about a CD signing coming up.

Hour 3:

Steve Bosell went to a Bon Jovi concert, and his pleather pants cracked at the butt and he wasn’t wearing underwear. He plans to sue the clothing manufacturer, the concert venue, and Bon Jovi. Phil closes with Fat Warnings (How You Can Tell), flashback of BVI.

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  • Avatar

    Long live pleather!!!

  • Cary

    CLASSIC Bosell. You’re pretty much guaranteed you’ll hear Steve talk about his “scrotal” area, and this bit is no disappointment. And he sings a little bit of “Dead or Alive.” Somehow Steve manages to get a yeast infection in his crotch too.

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