Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Hour 1: Billy the Orphan kicks off the program, speaking with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld about the Iraq war. Phil plays a flashback request: All you can eat Negro! Kyle Holster comes in studio show Phil some yoga moves that will help Phil out with his bad back. Kyle folds Phil’s legs behind his head, and David G. Hall calls in to exclaim how much he enjoys hearing Phil struggle. Bob Bakian reports on the Pope being admitted to the hospital, and makes a Catholic priests molestation joke. David G. Hall orders Bud to shoot Bob’s new chopper out of the sky. PHS presents Scared Straight: Senior Citizen Casino Night. Phil reflects on the Bob Green/Costco bit from the previous night’s show.

Hour 2: Herb Sewell, author of Living Guilt Free, calls in to comment on the Michael Jackson trial. Herb says the case against Jackson should be dropped because – some of the crimes he heard about while in Atascadero, and things he himself as done, make the allegations against Jackson sound like chicken (blank).

Hour 3: Phil reflects on a movie he saw called Just Melvin. David G. Hall calls in to berate Phil for doing an hour and a half of child molestation material. Hal and Viola check on their way to Laughlin to tell Phil they were peeing themselves during the Herb Sewell segment, this before crashing into Mt. Rushmore. Blaine Baxter hosts Wondering Eye Poetry.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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