Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Hour 1: VARIETY.

Hour 2: RC Collins is a cadet who says there should be an Iraq War memorial which replaces the Vietnam Memorial so that we can scrub out a national embarrassment with a victorious tribute. Harvey Wireman makes RC kiss the gunner’s daughter, caning him, drilling through his nuts, using a sandblaster on his gonads, and so on.

Hour 3: (FIRST HALF) Starting the bit, Chris Norton wrote a book called Maybe Its Normal, which suggests all the sex with minors is normal. But David G Hall quickly breaks in and kills this bit. He says when your show is sucking this hard, he’s gonna step in. (SECOND HALF) Phil rants about acceptable levels of terrorism.

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    Wow, incredible back-and-forth between "future Iraq War victor" R.C. Collins and some fairly enraged Vietnam vet callers in hour 2. That first one sounded ready to throttle the little pipsqueak.

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