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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Hour 1: Roland Schwinn from American's plus is on to talk about the story of Keven Smith getting thrown off a Southwest airlines flight because he is fat. Roland says it's not fair that fat people have to pay for two seats. People with children shouldn't be aloud to fly. Make them pay a fee too.

Hour 2: There was an episode of Family Guy that made fun of Sarah Palin's son. Bob Green comes on the program to say that it's okay to call someone retarded because they look retarded, not if they actually are. Then some news.

Hour 3: Dr. Tarner is on the show to talk about climate change. The whole thing is imploding. Dr. Phil Jones director of the Climatic Research Unit stepped down after saying that there has not been any global warming since 1995. Also he said that it was warmest during the middle ages. Dr. Tarner thinks that Dr. Jones needs to be away from the media to do his work. If he doesn't something should be done to shut his mouth. Like put him in the back of a van bound and gagged. Then Phil wonders why Canada exists.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer


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