On the show tonight Wisconsin teacher Rob Barnes returns to say it’s time Walker give the Democrats some face-saving move so they don’t look like a**holes to their kids. And then it’s Jay Santos with sure fire techniques to identify the next violent, out-of-control student at your school! Also Vernon Dozier on slapping some ‘tough’ into his football players.

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  • tboudreau

    I'm paying good money for this Rob Barnes garbage?

    No more Patriot Radio, Hendrie. It sucks.

  • James1


    The show sucks, shape up.


    Darth Hall

  • jazzparty

    welcome back sittle.

  • sittle

    Rob Barnes…. A pure polititalk bit… Great bait for Patriot talk, but boy is it dull.. 20 minutes in and I haven't found a laugh yet…. This one sucked… boring talk, boring character, no twist, no amazing revelations and the only thing duller than the subject matter was the callers.

    Great subject matter for Jay, great setup for the bit… plays into authorities overstepping their bounds upon the family / society, parent bait / patriot bait. The setup material got a little meandering, but it got funnier with a scenario at the 13 minute mark.

    After that it's back to the regular problems of the post newstalk era, the callers are dull, asking questions, and derailing the phunny setups. Phil slips out of his Patriot persona midway through the bit and is less aggressive in dealing with Jay. Jay has no more material than his take down of a middle schooler. The callers weren't that great, and Jay wasn't as confrontational as he's been in the past.

    Jays segment wasn't bad, but it wasn't wildly hillarious.

    The Vernon bit in the 3rd hour was really phunny… the phunniest part of the show.. only 12 minutes, good twist… with a little effort and planning this might have made a classic Vernon bit, it certainly would've been phunnier than that Rob Barnes crap..

    On the Dannger scale: 5 gay thumbs waaaaay down.

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