Hour 1: Dean Wheeler is on the show to discuss the story of Ric Flair being attacked by his wife. Dean doesn’t believe that a man can be abused by a woman. He says men are coerced by women. He himself was attacked by his wife Emerelda. She put a knife to his throat, but Dean says it wasn’t abuse because it didn’t leave a mark.

Hour 2: For the first half of the hour, Margaret Grey is on the program to talk about the story of a woman using her dead son’s sperm to become a grandmother using a surrogate. Margaret wants to do the same thing except she wants to use her own egg. She says her son could get killed because he is a child actor. The second hour Phil discussed 5 things to improve happiness. Then he talked about texting and driving which devolved into talking about unions.

Hour 3: Doug Danger talks about Charlie Sheen going into rehab. He says the marriage of Charlie and his wife and all the abuse going on furthers the cause of gay marriage. They give a bad name to heterosexual marriage. Then there is a little bit of news. Mr Hero G calls in to talk about the problems Toyota is having. Toyota won’t lose any market share because American car companies aren’t any better. Phil then discusses some politics plus news we couldn’t get to.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    Daniel Stewart

    Bonnie Kliewer is the hero we all need yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

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    I just spent the last ten minutes try’s my to get this clip to play and it keeps skipping to the following days show…..those shaded grey squares with the white arrows are HORRIBLE!

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