Phil started the show talking about a jaywalking incident in Austin, Texas that turned into an international incident. Jay Santos from the Citizens Auxiliary Police joined the show to discuss the time he was dancing in the middle of a street to the song “Tighten Up” by Archie Bell and the Drells when he was struck by a car, not once but twice. Later Bobbie Dooley and husband Steve promoted their interview with the Sklar Brothers, soon to appear on the Bobbie Dooley podcast, and told Phil that they are part of the 1 percent and that all people in the top 1 percent income bracket should join together and “circle the wagons.” Frank Grey was out at Pomona test driving the new Tesla and talking about the nude pictures he has of Margaret including one “where he’s holding a beach ball.”

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  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters

    LOL, what a great bit! Jay Santos – Tighten up.

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    You give good Jay!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Did I mention I didn’t laugh once? then I listen to 2005 and I’m lmao. what is this a news show now? I thought it was comedy.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    This was a horrible show not funny, if it wasn’t for the archive old stuff I would cancel. Phil isn’t funny, hate Margaret in the studio arguing with him and Gayland Shaw noooo not funny. They I thought when Herb Suell came on maybe it would be funny. But they wouldn’t even let him talk why? Gayland kept saying oh he’s a child molester which we already know! seems the shows getting too politically correct. Maybe phil should go back and listen the way he used to do his characters, they were outrageous and that was what made them funny. I mean Vernon Dozier’s old stuff was soooo funny I’ve listened to it over and over.I’m sticking with the old archive stuff that makes me laugh out loud.Then the callers were so funny when they called in and he’s rather argue with Margaret than a caller.By the way Margaret used to be funny too.

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    Philip Gonzalez

    Bravo Sir! The Herb Sual part of the show had me in tears.

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    charles taylor

    Phil, I would like to do some puppet shows using your shows as the script. I think it would be really great….

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    bw0404968 wise

    In regards to the AZ bill: I know Phil was reading a news story and not opining himself, but it is completely incorrect to say “supporters of the bill haven’t been able to cite one instance” where their beliefs were infringed. That was either written by a sloppy reporter or one with an agenda. Gee I wonder which.

    This isn’t about some bigot’s right not to serve coffee to a gay couple at a diner. Google the bakers and photographers who’ve been forced by the government to work gay weddings, even though they gladly provided lists of other services who would, and gladly had/would serve gay couples for events other than gay marriages (hardly the anti-gay Nazis people like to make them out to be). This IS happening. You might say no big deal. OK. But don’t pretend its not happening and dont pretend it does not strongly deviate from America’s previously held definition of freedom.

    I also find it a little odd that gay couples not being able to obtain some services from traditional Christians is the hate crime they like to make it out to be. Why would they want to financially support “bigots” anyway? Isn’t the gay rights movement the same one that looked through lists of ‘Yes on Prop 8’ donors with the sole intent of picketing their businesses to damage their finances? Come on.

    I dont mean to jump up your ass here. It was just frustrating to hear such an inaccurate story. I obviously love the show, which is why Ill continue to pay for it.

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    John Pace

    Oh man, the fact that it’ll be live during work didn’t even occur to me. That’s great, though I think I’ll still wait for the re-post later so I can pause and all that. Plus, TuneIn doesn’t come in too hot in my building.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I can’t wait til I can listen live during the day. Only a few more weeks!

  • Avatar
    John Pace

    I like your stance on the UT jaywalker, Phil. Makes good sense. Austin’s a cool city, but the people suck. Any North Texan knows that.

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