Phil discussed with Father James McQuarters an 8th grade student recruited by Alabama for football but the good father was far more concerned with how quickly his housekeeper, Mrs Dunn, was getting groceries out of the car…

General Gaylen Shaw joined the show and talked with Phil about Spetsnaz, the internationally reknowned Russian special forces unit. General Shaw was doing fine until he said that the British special forces service, the SAS, was also the famous Scandanavian airline…

Bud, by the way not knowing the difference, booked a Mr. Wilson Burnett from “Spudnuts” the doughnut chain instead a guy from Spetsnaz.

A bunch of other horseplay as well….

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    The other day when you were talking about Kim Kardashian’s big ass ,that was hilarious.

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