Hour 1:

Herb Sewell claims a listener says he sounds like George Takei from Star Trek. Vernon Dozier joins the program to discuss recent charges of cruelty to an African Grey Parrot. Phil talks about show downloads and reads some more e-mail.

Hour 2:

Raj Faneen with his usual American baiting…Raj says the Constitutions guarantee of free press is what allowed Newsweek to print the Koran story which got “15,000 Packies carved up.” Then he asks the requisite question of the callers: “Do you super size?”

Hour 3:

Larry Grover tells Phil and his audience that, although slavery was a terrible thing, the “purchasing agents” that sent the slaves to America actually brought African people to a better place……

  • Timothy

    Hour 1: Some classic Vernon Dozier: “Why am I the black man in The Green Mile with no water in the sponge?”.

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