Hour 1: Larry Grover says that if Sarah Palin can’t handle her family, she can’t handle the job of vice president. He is referring to Levi Johnston’s appearance in Playgirl. Larry says that Playgirl is for gays, and that Levi is a closet homosexual. Then Phil reads the news.

Hour 2: Steve Bosell is on the program to talk about Global warming affecting the Olympics. He doesn’t believe in global warming. Why are they worried about not enough snow at the Olympics when there is a ton of show in the Northeast. He told his daughter. Well that was a mistake. His daughter told her teacher and Steve got called into class. There the student’s all berated him and the teacher told him to shut his mouth and not interfere with her lesson plan. Then some news.

Hour 3: Emery Clayton is talking about diversity. He thinks that when representatives from the United States go down to Haiti they should be black. He said that’s the most important thing and “we’ll get around to saving people later”.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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