Hour 1:

Phil Visits A Psychic, Part 1: After Phil stops off at a psychic to get his palm read he learns that he is going to die within the next year in a bizarre airport terminal accident. Mavis Leonard and a caller from Georgia say the Lord’s prayer and help Phi

Hour 2:

Phil Visits A Psychic, Part 2: Mavis sings some old negro spirituals on the harmonica for Phil who is afraid that he is going to die. Phil attempts to spend the rest of the hour discussing the confederate flag issue but is bombarded by nothing by crank ca

Hour 3:

“Sticking it to Castro” Rubin Ramon Escobar joins the program to discuss the case of Elian Gonzales. Rubin thinks that America should keep the boy, as a way of “sticking it” to Fidel Castro.

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