Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Hour 1: Art Griego and his wife believe kids should watch porn under supervision, so he runs a safe house where they can do this.

Hour 2: (FIRST HALF) Larry Grover says that when men cheat on their wives, their wives won’t shut up about it and it makes the husband homicidal. He cheated on his wife with a hooker in Ensenada, Mexico and spread gonorrhea. (SECOND HALF) Joe Dickhead & The Professor. Characters call in with stories about peeing while sleepwalking, changes subject, David G Hall says ‘get back to the peeing stories’!

Hour 3: VARIETY.

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  • Dwayne

    Art, has moved towards the top of my list…love that guy!

  • Rodney

    “So Im not allowed to shoot a game of stick? ” Hahahahaha classic line

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