Tonight Vernon Dozier reviewed President Obama’s State of the Union speech, saying the President broke out his “olive oil smile and guinea charm.” Phil pointed out that that’s what Woltz said Johnny Fontaine had in “The Godfather” and Vernon said that Obama and Johnny Fontaine were both the same kind of guys…

Also Austin Amarca on how drones will someday be hovering at your bedroom window looking your wife up and down, Dean Wheeler on his fear of Ted Cruz and Steve Bosell with Bud Dickman talking over the upcoming Super Bowl…

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  • Sam-Os

    What’s up with Phil and this chick?

  • Gene Clauson
    Gene Clauson

    I disagree w/most comments about wanting callers. While they CAN add to the unknown and Phils GREAT ad-lib abilities there are just too many variables involved w/callers. I prefer straight Phil

  • Ben Hackenbruck

    You can tell Phil is pissy tonight. He is all flipped out over Nikki’s rent situation then turns around and says I don’t give a fuck. And yes, she doesn’t want to talk about it on the air. And no she isn’t going to call a lawyer. If the higher rent is a problem, do you think she can afford a lawyer Phil? You are so abusive to your producers. If TRN is out of the picture, why all the technical difficulties? How can the funniest man of all time also big such a fuckin’ asshole? Just lighten up a bit and the show will thrive. And ya, this is one more fan that thinks that calls from the public add to the show. I know that is hard to do if you are not on a bunch of big stations, but man it would be nice.

  • John Pace

    And I’m one of those people on Facebook that he’s blocked from commenting just because I mentioned that I’d like to see less duplicates in the Classic Show Podcast. This was when there was a duplicate every week. It’s pretty comical… I do stick around just because he does still bring the funny.

  • John Pace

    Welp, don’t worry about Phil reading any of this or caring – he’s made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t give a shit what his PAYING audience thinks.

  • Donald Guill

    Phil for some honest criticism, I think when you took phone calls from real people that was some funny stuff . Like the time a guy called in and thought you was the pizza place and you took it and ran with it.But I still listen to you because you are still the funniest fucker out there.Thanks for the laughs,and I hope many more to come. I would also like to here from Loyd Bonified,we haven’t heard from him for a while.

  • Gregg Goodsell

    I bet Phil would not be so quick to drop those who express their opinions that may ruffle his feathers if they had to pay Phil to follow him on FB/Twitter. Money Talks!

  • Gregg Goodsell

    Phil hates criticism of others but he loves dishing his own. I have seen him block more FB/twitter users for really petty stuff. Must be old age.

  • Herb Sewell

    you all need more masturbation and a Keffir enema….. Hall out

  • Roger Bishop

    My wife and I were talking this morning about how funny Phil used to be before trying to become a TV star. Since then he has lost it a bit.
    He does seem bitter. Seems to vent a lot of anger towards conservatives which I find not only unnecessary, but immature and offensive. He never used to be like that in his early days. I wonder how many conservatives comprise his audience and may tell him to “fuck off” at the end of their subscription period. I know I am pretty close to it and I have been listening to him since 2003 albeit the last three years have been a struggle.

  • John Pace

    I think Phil has a little schoolboy crush on the disembodied voice of Nikki.

  • John Damico


    Last week you played some reruns from several years ago and you were VERY funny. What happened? Now you seem bitter and mad at someone or something. My backstage pass expires in May, if I don’t hear an improvement in the next several months, to quote Hall “I’m out”.


    Coach Dozier

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