Hour 1:

Phil welcomes all of his characters to the first live show of 2006. They want Phil to know they will be around throughout the New Year. W.T.C. Statue of highjackers is played as the flashback featuring Dean Wheeler from 3/03/03. Bill Cuffington joins the hour, he is upset that Conservative talk shows are being taken off the air. Jeff Dowder calls in to tell Phil he drove the Covina float in the Rose Parade.

Hour 2:

Art Griego calls in because he believes the handling of luggage is a courtesy to airline customers. Tune in to see what happens when Art tells the listeners that he thinks pilots have a right to throw a bag off the plane if they see fit. Hal and Viola even call in to tell Phil they agree with Art.

Hour 3:

Hal and Viola are on to discuss Violas smuggling of the two dogs on the plane…Hal decides to boot them off the plane.

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    Fuck, I love when Hendrie did some meta shit with the characters.

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    Kerry Chapman

    Hal throwing the two dogs out of the plane at the beginning of hour three was PRICELESS! Funnnnnny!

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