Larry Grover from Conservatives of Kern County joined Phil to discuss his stopping a Nativity service at Marchmont Baptist Church in Culver City to tell the congregation “it was not a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year because of what Obama’s done.” Mavis Leonard joined the program. She was there that morning and remembers Larry as wearing “a short sleeve white shirt, striped tie and seer-sucker red-sstriped pants.” As Larry walked out she “lit it up,” or flipped him off.

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    Loved your out cue on this show! Producer Dan was obviously thrown in a position that he is not qualified for. I was in the radio industry for a few years, but I got out because this is what it came to – talentless 'jobbers' only working because they need a job. There is no passion in radio anymore. I think the reason Phil enjoyed his days at WIOD so much is because the industry was at it's creative peak during his time at WIOD. Since the late 90's the radio industry has consolidated itself right down the toilet. I took my creative passion and started my own business which has been very lucrative. I enjoyed listening to Phil down in Miami, and I enjoy listening now online. Great content, great product. Happy New Year, Phil!

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    Nice post-show chimp-out, Phil! Definitely worth a listen to, everyone, to see what Phil is contending with at TRN. Personally, this is what I love about being a BSP subscriber–a truly uncensored, unfettered, no-holds barred behind-the-scenes look at Phil and his world!

    I still am annoyed by the frequent mutes and the dead air which makes me want to tune out completely (5 minutes is too long to keep your listeners/viewers twiddling their thumbs wondering when you're going to let us hear what's going on). But chimp-outs like this make up for it in some small way. Keep up the rage, baby!

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