Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills came on to defend his restaurants slogan, “We want to put our meat in your mouth,” from an increasingly strident chorus of detractors; the religious community and families. Ron Burlingame from San Antonio called the show to say he’d been in LA with his wife and two daughters when he saw a billboard with the slogan on it. “I pulled over and had to collect myself. And then, so my daughters who are 4 and 5 wouldn’t know what I was talking about to my wife, I had to use hand signs. I pointed to my mouth and made a gagging sound!” Ted said his slogan wasn’t any worse than “Finger lickin’ good” (Colonel Sanders) or “Taste the rainbow” (Skittles) which he felt promoted “the gay lifestyle.”

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    The show was weak, what a wast of time. garbage! not funny at all. As compared to some older shows. Phil Just went through the motions. got my money.I didn't laugh one time.

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    I can't get enough lol…

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    Great job Phil… Love the show! BSP worth every penny, I look forward to your show each day.

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    Man this was a funny show! The Ted and Ron segment was just great. I'm gonna watch this again right now.

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    Where is the videocast???

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    Thanks for the earlier than usual downloads…

    Have a great day.

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