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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Starting the show was Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police announcing Operation Big Glove, a task force that he formed to look into Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his "Mickey Mouse" investigation of President Obama's birth certificate. ('Big Glove" was so named because Mickey Mouse wore over-sized gloves).

Next up was self-described gay man and gay journalist Doug Dannger ripping into Phil for once having the unmitigated gall to tell writer/director David Mamet there was a factual error in one of his scripts. "You blew it Phil. You blew it big and you blew it hard and I say that even though I know you and Northcraft are going to be making your (whispered) queer jokes later on" Dannger pulled off the road to get a better connection and wound up parking near a shopping center carnival. While still being interviewed by Phil, he got into a fight with a concessionaire over a cupie doll Doug claimed he won and was arrested for battery.


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