Tonight, Father James McQuarters came to the defense of a Waterbury, Conneticut priest accused of bilking his parish out of more than a million dollars over seven years. Father Kevin Grey used the money for male escorts, designer clothing, swank hotels and expensive restaurants and when asked why by police he told them he “had it coming.” Father McQuarters calimed that being a priest and hearing peoples confessions can drive a man over the edge. “One time after hearing a litany of filth and sewage for an entire morning, I went outside and told a lady dropping her kid off for school that I wanted to look up her dress. I had to unstress.”

Art Griego, the retired commercial pilot joined the show later to talk about what he terms the medias “over reporting of plane crashes and other aviation incidents.” Earlier Phil had mentioned the story of a United flight heading from DC to LA landing in Denver because some 30 people were injured by turbulance. Art was stunned Phil would report such an inocuous incident. When people fall down because of turbulence it’s because they didn’t “do what the head flight attendant told them to do. Sit down, buckle up and shut up.” Art says back in the day when people were knocked off balance by turbulence the pilots would say it’s a “Spaz Express.”

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    Ps … what ever happened to Father Stailey,, and bring back that dot head Ram from India , you bloating farting balding exsmoking fat bastard….. love and air kisses…. your forever sessyman…..

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    im hot for seesy priests,,, manly mans man priests who enjoy the company of other ummm manly men,, mens men,, private men,, men of the cloth,, men with cloths,, yes sir,, We must heal with humor,, let us laugh not at but with this Man of god,, a hell of a priest,, ….. all my love and affection,, in a Manly way,,,, Let humor heal the church.. this guy makes me Slaaaaaaaaabur…. Dr P in Yub town

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    A couple of Jason’s idea were actually pretty interesting. Phil keeps humping the news-driven stories and the show still fails to reach it’s former glory. I really hope he goes back to being a little more creative about the subject matter because I know hes still "got it", but he just keeps setting himself for disaster with the lame topics and weak characters he’s been choosing this year.

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    I can’t stop laughing…the outhouse reference has me falling out of my effing chair. Haven’t heard the good Padre in a while and he always hits it out of the park.

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