Hour One:

Phil announces his new political blog George W Bush Is God dot Com is coming soon…..David Hall wants to know what Phil means by “blog”…Coast to Coast with Art Bell: General Johnson Jameson and Igor try and hijack the Discovery….Art comes back later and asks Phil where the ice machine and the towels are….

Hour Two:

Bob Green of Frazier Foods demotes a checker when she makes fun of his new “hair system,” calling it a wig instead.

Hour Three:

Jeff Dowder and Eddie Van Halen do an infomercial for some “Roots of Metal” compilation….Phil updates everyone on a one man show and the fact that Fillmore Middle is a still a possibility….A classic Dave Oliva flashback…..After hearing Phil talk about how expensive first class is, Ted Bell calls from his hot tub to say that no one flies first class anymore, they all charter…..Margaret Grey calls to say that chartering a jet is worth it…that’s what Joan Allen told her….Lloyd Bonafide, a Red Sox fan, calls to congratulate Sox pitcher Matt Clements who took a fastball off the head that caromed into left field for a base hit. When Phil suggests that that was pure luck, Lloyd assures Phil that “when you die, the devil will have the gate wide open for you…..”

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    Don Sloan

    The Dave Oliva El Camino bit is probably the most memorable one I’ve heard. Always makes my day when I hear it. The character and caller… perfect match.

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      Oh fuck, is it the one with the latina chick who says something like “no-one cares about your stupid El Camino!” and Dave keeps talking about how he’ll leave her butt print on the hood? Fucking classic.

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