Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Hour 1: Dave Oliva says that we need to see a photo of the dead Bob Hope to prove he actually died.

Hour 2: (FIRST HALF) Larry Grover is trying to get a law into the books that would make it illegal for a woman to not go through with the act once sex has started. He had freaked out his last girlfriend by telling her he was going to borax the sheets after the act. (SECOND HALF) David G Hall yells at Phil for not wanting to do a Bob Hope tribute.

Hour 3: VARIETY.

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    B L Owjabba

    Character Dave Oliva is aspiring to become a police officer. Just like Uday and Qusay Hussein pictures were distributed, pictures of Bob Hope should be released. He says since the American People have been lied to by the news media, Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. Only forensic evidence in the form of pictures should be released.

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