Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Hour 1: Bob Green’s Memorial Day weekend sales were ruined by a guy who wanted to buy “Pinto Beans.” He wants to sell American style food and spoke his peace to the guy, “hey you, don’t come back.” He said yes sir. Bart calls in while taking a bath, it ends with the hair dryer in the tub of course.

Hour 2: David G. Hall is on to present Phil with an award for his prediction of the Lakers not making it in the playoffs, “dumb ass of the year.” Bud joins in to make fun of Phil. Law talk with Harvey Wireman.

Hour 3: Phil starts out with some middle-east talk, Olympics and Bud continues to ridicule on his Lakers prediction. Phil Hendrie show mail bag – Phil reads email from listeners. David G. Hall comes back while he’s in the tub, and the radio slips in and there he goes.

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    Matthew Breidenstine

    A guy walks in asking for dried pinto beans on Memorial Day weekend so naturally Bob Green has him followed. Ha!!! If I had a Frazier Foods near me I’d be in there every day!

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