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Today’s show is a repeat from Friday, April 24, 2015. Phil returns with a new show tomorrow!

Mavis Leonard, flying to Laughlin, NV for a church retreat and a little gambling, takes exception to Kim Kardashian “filling her butt with fiberglass and foam rubber.” Don Micksa’s “Career Week” for his engineering students is in danger of failing because he’s got “lousy breath.” And Don Berman thinks he’s got a real original documentary on his hands: a report on the (ta-da!) Bermuda Triangle!

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 14 2001, Dr. Jim Sadler says that we should let kids suffocate on a coin and they will learn not to put it in their noses.

Episode 663 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Avatar

    By far – My favorite episode since the Classic Art Bell and General Johnson Jamison bits…

    “Thinks he’s Sky King”…

    Jesus Phil. Thanks for the laughs as always!

  • Chris

    This is a classic episode! There’s no such thing as too much bathtub.

  • gregory

    Yes, the douchebag that hit Kris in the head is Scott Disick. He is Courtney Kardashians ex husband. He’s never done an honest days work in his miserable life.

  • gregory

    You are exactly right Phil!! She looks like she belongs in a zoo! And that Jonathan Cheban! WTF is that all about?? What a circus!

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    this is a great deal but it makes me laugh not touch my self

  • Avatar

    wow I don’t know how I haven’t heard this sadler bit before but that was hilarious.

    bleach, lighter, blender, and aquarium with an electric eel is all the description you should have to provide for this episode

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Oh man we are squealing listening to Dr. Sadler describe the viewing room across the street! “Well how do you get there?” “Well we just cross the street provided there’s a green light.”

  • Avatar
    Gary Harper

    The walking colostomy bag is Scott Disick. His worst moment was him shooting an alligator for absolutely no reason. A major creep.

  • Avatar
    Gary Harper

    I met Damian when he was about 18… I knew he would make a monumental album…”Welcome to Jamrock”….

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