The show started with another discussion of the “white middle class male listeners” Phil has who are turned off by hip-hop. Phil said that you can’t sit around your garage playing “Pipeline” forever.

Margaret spotted the same woman she saw yesterday morning on The Word network who seemed to have “overly developed lower jaw muscles.” Speculation then veered, offensively so, into whether any of the women on screen “gobbed” or “coned.”

The show’s panel had Cliff King, horse trainer, back on to recap the Triple Crown and it turned into a cluster fuck as Cliff exhibited signs of serious dementia on the one hand and indications he was just goofing everyone with his “I’ll break a metal pole over my head and I’m 77 years old” act.

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police talked about water safety this summer, especially in the ocean. The oceans power, says Jay, can “humiliate, exploit and manipulate a person. It can almost drown you and then toss you onto the shore like you’re nothing, with your pants pulled down and your butt in the breeze.”

Episode 143 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    hmm.. phils actually got me appreciating some hip hop artists i would never have before. being a pretty big denier of mainstream music, i am as close minded as any other jackoff when it comes to these things. i do wonder if he has explored some of the lesser known acts.. eyedea or slug anyone? (; just planting seeds.. big, sometimes dead and rotting, seeds.

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    Cliff King, another great character.

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson

    Jesus Cliff King was hilarious. I was walking home from work and had to stop I was laughing so hard. Jesus christ

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    Ricky Graber

    Phil, You are killing us with your belated
    mid life crises.
    Hike those trousers up to your tits
    and get a bowl of oatmeal.
    Maybe a retreat with Wheeler,
    E East and E West might help
    submerge the EGO alongside the wreckage of flight 395

  • sean carson
    sean carson

    In the late seventies, Phil was convincing his friends to get with the times and buy a leisure suit.

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    Douglas Broome

    I have to tell ya. I have listened for year going back to the 90’s and the best of CD’s. I even listened when you went through your political phase but this shitty bumper music you play….the screeching crap and the getto bullshit…..has me turning off the radio……it adds NOTHING to the show.

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    Steven Burgess

    Next time tell us about the African-American middle class male listeners who don’t like hip hop, or who do like rock, or jazz…since you are such an authority on these matters, and since you have so many friends who are persons of color—right, Phil?

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