Hour 1:

The final Phil Hendrie Show All-Request Flashback Night!! Featuring such classics as “How Get Wife Lose Weight”… Jay Santos Policing Holiday Parties… Dave Oliva: Scary Movies… Clara Bingham: Wiccan Rituals.

Hour 2:

The Phil Hendrie Show All-Request Flashback Night continues with! Father James Mcquarters: Slabber… Vernon Dozier: Lookey Loo’s… Pastor Rennick: 7 Jet Spa… Father McQuarters: “Phil Makes Father Say Slabber”… Lloyd Bonifide Gets Teabagged By His Neighbors Cat…. and Steve Bosell’s Son Missiles One In His Shorts.

Hour 3:

Vernon Dozier Blames Bush For Tsunami’s… Bobbie Dooley Summertacular… Margaret Gray: If I Had A Hammer… David G.Hall: Mohammed Cartoons… Ted Bell: Car Alarm… and Gary Shandling Calls the Show.

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    How Get Wife Lose Weight is a top ten classic!!!

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