Classic Hour

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bobbie and Steve Dooley, back from Buttner Lake for a couple weeks, are hosting the opening weekend dance of the Summer-tacular. Bobbie gives the full history of Bill Goblin, a founding father of Buttnerville. Our encore show from June 26, 2017.

The BSP Classic Show is from December 2004, and is packed with wack. RC Collins, Jeff Dowdder and Pastor William Rennick are featured…

Episode 1188 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Brendan Dacey


  • TwiceRemoved77

    The Goblin is no more.

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    I love Phil on my birthday! Going back to 2000 when I was a punk ass seaman!! Make fun haha!!!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    How come theres no dots anymore so you can go back further than 5 days?

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      Julie, you can still use the Archives link to go back further.

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