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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It’s the Wes Hurlford and the Westerners Winson Pork Chops Hour from Nashville, Tennessee, as Wes and his band rip through their hits like ‘Planet Earth’, ‘One Legged Hop’, ‘Old Lady’ and of course ‘There’s A Midget’. Good times.

The BSP Classic Hour is from September 2002. Vernon Dozier says that when his wife stopped dying her hair blonde, their sex life went downhill. She just wanted to be herself. Vernon says that when a woman says that you might as well throw your penis out the window while you’re driving down the street.

Episode 918 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    A List of songs I scribbled down- WH being Wes’ band and him singing. Oh and if the song title wasn’t mentioned, I just took it from the opening line or common phrase in the song:

    Intro/There’s A Midget
    Shorty Winsom “I Love You”
    Wes Hurlford “Summertime”
    WH “Show On The Road” featuring Shorty Winsom
    Dick Albright “I Waited ‘Til One”
    Dick Albright (wasn’t announced, but the tune/lyrics changed with same voice) “Evening Light”
    WH “Cattle Drive” f/SW
    Cal? Cow? SW f/WH
    Winsom Porkchop Ad WH/SW
    WH- SW on mandolin “Barnyard Dance”
    WH “Turkey Man” f/Bobby
    WH “Momma Keep That Jug Away” f/SW
    WH “Ride Pony Ride” f/SW, Toby Bo on fiddle, Billy Chicken on mandolin
    Tex Claxton “What Is That In Your Hair”
    Melvin Gismer “Old Lady Take Me Home”
    WH tune f/Chet
    WH/SW “Walking Through The Snow”
    WH “No Song” Chet on Pedal Steel
    Winsom Ad
    WH comes back in with There’s A Midget
    WH “Country Music Hop” f/SW
    WH “My Daddy Was A Miner” f/SW
    WH “I Don’t Remember” f/SW
    Bob Wescott “Drunk Again” with Billy Winston on pedal steel
    WH There’s A Midget into Winsom Ad
    Joey Blow “Country Boogie”
    Chester Brown f/WH “How Now Brown Cow” with Pete “Stingy” Wilson lead guitar
    WH “Southern Rock Boogie” w/Blowhard Winsom lead guitar and Chucky Brown pedal steel
    WH “It Hurts Me” w Dobie Brown on piano
    WH There’s A Midget into Winsom ad
    WH “In The Living Room” f/SW
    WH “There’s A Midget”/outro f/SW

    • Avatar

      Thanks TR77. “It’s GOLD Jerry! GOLD!”

  • Libby

    Great show! “Turkey Man” is now one of your greatest hits, along with “Go With It” and “There Goes a Midget.”

  • Avatar
    Tom Simshaw

    The lounge-style smattering of applause makes me laugh every time.

  • dan nichols
    dan nichols

    One the most wonderful shows I’ve heard in a long time. I laughed my ass off. Thank you Phil.

  • christopher knell
    christopher knell

    Epic. I’ll steer you clear of the cow. Steer me clear of the steer! I’m a Cherokee Man.

  • Darren Richards
    Darren Richards

    So so funny Phil !! Forgive brevity, have to listen again immediately 🙂

  • TwiceRemoved77

    I love when the music track ended and the singer said “I..I had another verse to go but the-” and Wes says “You want to finish it?” The singer replies, “NO NO”

    It was so funny I hope someone is transcribing the lyrics..

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Oh I forgot to mention, if you listen to the pre-show, you’ll get a bunch of attempts at a Kenny Slag. A Kenny Slag show was close to taking off before Phil switched to a Wes Hurlford hour.

    • TwiceRemoved77

      I’m surprised Deane didn’t follow him back to Nashville and try to butt in.

  • Avatar

    Its been awhile since you and I made love is my new favorite song. Phil could you post a link to that track played under it if not it’s cool. Kick ass show man more Wes!

  • Avatar
    Kevin Harrison

    I have listened to babies crying and screaming, cat fights in the dead of night, fingernails on chalk boards, my mother in law, but now I can say I have heard it all.

  • Avatar
    Don MacDonald

    Where to begin? “What’s that in your hand…doesn’t look like my gland?!” One of Wes’s many classic lyrics. More Wes Hurlford and the Westeners, please! Thanks Phil.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I love Momma. She’s the one who turned me into an alcoholic.

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